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Our Programme is based on our love of learning... (and having fun) .... so we provide a variety of speakers, competitions, workshops, social events and other evenings where we share our images and ideas.

Are chosen based on their ability share great images and also talk through the challenges and how they overcome those challenges.

We often use Zoom for speakers so we can invite the best from wherever they may live.


Active learning can be great fun and we arrange a number of workshops and meet-ups.   Some of these might be to help our members learn new skills, that could be useful in an upcoming competition.  Others could be just for fun.

Video about our Club

In this short video, you can see some of the wide range of activities we enjoy.


Charlie Waite

Guest Speaker at TDCC 2023


Charlie Waite

Chats with members during the break


Members enjoy a presentation by speaker in our larger hall

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