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TDCC - A different kind of Camera Club

As a club, we have thought again about what a modern club is all about - and what people who want to learn about photography are looking for...........

We've changed and developed new solutions.........

Programme Focussed on Fun Learning Events

We don't enter big scale external competitions - we don't see these as very beneficial learning opportunities, but can use the significant programme time that would be occupied by these, in many other fun, learning based activities such as workshops and meet ups...

Different Approach to Competitions:

Our Competitions are light hearted and easily open to all - everyone is encouraged and helped to enter and we score each others images - so instead of being judged by judges, we learn about analysing images by scoring ourselves - this also makes us better photographers.

Active Encouragement and Support for ALL

We actively encourage everyone, equally - by providing different experiences and opportunities for members less experienced or more experienced.  More than a third of our members are female.


We encourage and support members to study for photographic qualifications; such as Open University and Royal Photographic Society Distinctions.  This provides structured learning and pride in achievement.   Over 60% of members have gained or are studying towards qualifications 

A Digital Club - The TDCC Information Centre

In the age of digital cameras, we have believe that camera clubs should also have digital capability - so we have an interactive 'Information Centre' especially for our members - this provides everything they need to be an active member and is the centre for managing competition entries and scoring.

We Host an International Website:

 Intimate Landscapes

As a club we host an International website that focuses on the amazing genre 'Intimate Landscapes'. We also organise an annual competition in which 14 clubs participate. 

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