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Competitions at TDCC


Our approach to competitions is quite different to most clubs:   

We create competitions to help develop the skills of our members.  The focus is on learning - not on winning - but of course it's really nice to do well and be recognised for progress.

Each year we set a theme - and this is used to bring together competition subjects, speakers and workshop activities to build upon that theme.  For example our recent theme was 'Photography as Art' and a team of members came up with great ideas on how we could learn more about the theme through our various activities.

Our priority is to encourage ALL our members to enter the competitions 

Our Competitions:

  • Are often set subjects designed to encourage practice of various skills or genres. Some of these are related to our Annual theme.  See our gallery for examples.

  • We usually have 3 print and three digital competitions each season.  The work submitted by members can build over the year towards an overall score that leads to the award of a variety of prizes.

  • Are judged and scored by members, not judges - giving members the opportunity to develop the skills of analysis and feedback.

  • Judges are invited to give feedback, thus providing an expert analysis and learning opportunity. 

  • Our amazing Information Centre is used to collate and share entries - and when scoring digital competitions it provides a unique and powerful platform to support the scoring process.

We are a friendly bunch and don’t take this too seriously. Thus we have only a few rules for our competitions.

Our motto for the competitions is:

Don't be shy......Give it a try!

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